Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fun New Children's Book....

Check out this new children's book by Immedium press. I absolutely love the art work! I found this book at the Kid Robot today and couldn't help but take a closer look. The fun illustrations totally caught my eye. Later, after doing some research online, I learned that the creative team behind this awesome book are known as DGPH, which are based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This cool little mascot is called Topo which means "mole" in spanish. Space Cadet Topo is such a cute little astronaut! I guess he's pretty big in Latin America, who knew! I'm so glad I found him. :o)

To get more info on this book check out the official link:

You can buy book here too:
Kidrobot Store


Hello Kitty for Sephora? SWEET!!!

Hey Ladies,
Looks like the adorable Hello Kitty brand has decided to join forces with Sephora and has created a variety of adorable, yet totally grown up makeup products. For the mommies out there who love Hello Kitty, your little girls are going to be jealous! haa.

Will  be officially available in store and online mid-January - check out the story here below


OK, Who wants some cool Hello Kitty shirts??? MEEEE!!!!!

Hey kiddies, check out these super cool Hello Kitty t-shirts from johnnycupcakes.com. They also carry fun Hello Kitty totes too. So go get your hipster kitty groove on! Meow!