Monday, December 17, 2007

La La La

Ok folks, in honor of the holidays here's a little song to make you smile. Ha!

(P.S. Gracias Patricito!)


PS. Thanks Mo!

Oh Boyeee!

Check out this pooch hittin' the streets with his cool scooter! Thanks to Reed for the pic. Hee!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Cute Movie!

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving with your family and friends! Now back to reality and the South Beach diet! Oy vey!

Well over the holiday weekend I went to see the film, Enchanted. What a great little movie indeed! I tell ya, at first I thought could be a little bit cheesy but then I realized Dr. McDreamy was in it (and Ladies you all know what I'm talking about!) I was so entertained by this film and Disney sure delivered! I don't want to say too much except to say you should go see it. It will have you laughing, crying, and even more laughing! Bring your special someone, your kids, the neighbors kids, your grandparents or parents, your doggie or kitty, your red panda, your plush toys etc....I don't care who you bring so long as you see this film. Do IT! I promise you will be fully entertained!

Here's the review on Rotten Tomatoes:

Ok that's all for now...

Peace out!


Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Red Panda's are the cutest little pandas around and now they need your help! Crazy people are destroying there natural habitats and they're almost becoming extinct if this continues. We must help these sweet little cutiepatutie's so that they may roam free in the wild and live long plentiful lives. Don't Worry Red Panda friends - we will help you!! ADOPT AND DONATE!! I WILL!
Adopt A Red Panda Here!

And get this, if you wanted to travel abroad to see these little critters up close in there own habitat, then book your trip to see them and say hi:

Interesting Cute Science News!

Thanks for the link Spencer!


Get Your Patch On!

Hey all. I wasn't sure what to post today but to start off I decided to show off my new cool kawaii vegan wallet. Some of you may not care a whole lot about accessories but I do. The cuter and more colorful the better. I found this awesome wallet at this store that I had no idea even existed until now - (located in the Manhattan Mall in NYC) The store is not about cute at all but this particular accessory was. I loved the craftmanship of the patchwork because it was bunnies and I like bunnies! Aww! Now go get your own girlfriends!

You can also find them at Century 21 for less then what I paid ( I realized this later on, oh wells) and Urban Outfitters! Also this is the company that makes them however they are not listed on there site.

Ciao Ciao


Friday, November 2, 2007


Hi everyone, I adopted a new puppy and her name is Spanky2 (long story). Anyways I saw her in a little playpen one day at a country store up north, and I thought that little bundle of cuteness is coming home with me. She's so adorable, warm, friendly and fuzzy! Her super plush coat sheds like crazy but that's ok because I love her. As you can see I took some pics of her running around being silly - Oh Spanky2! Your so loveable!!! I can just squeeze her 24/7. Ya know she has two twin sisters and one lives with my new niece and the other with my loveable pal Maureen. AWWW! So much cuteness!

PS. I'm perfectly a normal adult - I just love to pretend that some cute things in the world are real, every now and then. Hee!


Thursday, November 1, 2007

Seether - new cover art! Rockin!

Ok your thinking WOW! That's some cool art!! and perhaps even asking yourself "Who's Seether?" Well for those musically inclined you know Seether is a rock/alternative/metal band and for those who aren't - well now you know. This band is from Johannesburg, South Africa and have been around for about 5 years or so. Personally I'm not a fan but when I saw the cover art for their new CD I was very taken.

Once I saw the art I surfed the internet like a mad woman trying to find out who did it, but nada! I was surprised to see that their forums or official site made no mention of it. However I was very lucky and BINGO! The artist name is David Ho and he creates a lot of his work digitally using various aplications to capture that soft lucid and surreal dream state. It definitely isn't your usual happy fun pop design, but even so it has a certain level of cuteness with a hint of darkness. It also exudes this form of intensity where you feel for the characters you are observing. I dunno maybe it's just my artsy mumbo jumbo i'm rambling on to show off my art school smarts. Hee! Seriously though I do appreciate this dude's art abilities and maybe I'll buy the new Seether CD and a t-shirt. For the art of course!.....

Ok hope you enjoyed my little Art lesson corner from J

Heavy Petting Red Panda Style!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!!!!

Here's an artist with a fun flair for the Kreepies!!! Wouldn't you buy this cereal?? Krunch, Krunch!

Check him out!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Fun Art by Me...


Awww! I love Red Pandas! Don't you?

Somebody's hungry! If I could have a red panda for a pet I would. How did that girl get so lucky? Only in Japan.

Cute and Odd looking cartoony!

My thanks to Reed for providing this sweet little video. When I saw it, it looked like something from a dream. Enjoy everyone!

Monday, October 15, 2007


Hope everyone had a nice weekend! So check this out, Sat night I got to meet one of my favorite illustrators named Simone Legno. He is well known for his Tokidoki brand which consists of cute loveable edgy characters. He is also one of the major players in the Vinyl and Pop culture art world. His fame is almost as big as Hello Kitty and people of all ages flock to see this guy in person to shake his hand and tell him how Kawaii his characters are.

In reading about him online I found that he adores Japan and I guess Japan was his inspiration in creating this style of illustration that has made him a household name. Now I can totally relate to him in that sense because I too love all things Kawaii. I'm finding that some artists who draw in that style are often mistaken to be japanese artists however in Simone's case, he is from Italy. I tell ya this world is turning Kawaii and we should all thank Japan for giving us that inspiration to work off of.

Well back to my Sat night experience, Simone was signing autographs at the YOYAMART store in NYC. When I got there I realized I should have gotten there much earlier because the line had already grown just to get into this tiny store. Who knew! This was my first time at a signing like this so I really had no idea what to expect. The wait time turned into 5 hours on line. You had to buy your TOKIDOKI toys first then get on a seperate line for autographs. It was very overwhelming but totally worth it and I'm glad I stayed the whole way through. As late as it got I was glad to finally shake Simone's hand and tell him how much I loved his work and hope someday my work becomes as big as his ( hee). He then said thank you and very humbly stated that he was soo sorry for making me wait so long. But I was just glad to finally meet him in person. He was a very cool and down to earth person. He happily signed all my tokidoki stuff and even sketched a character in my little sketchbook at about 11:30pm. He basically made sure everyone got an autograph and a little drawing on everyone's toys and sketchbooks. You could tell he was tired but you could also tell how much attention and appreciation he had for his fans. It was a great experience and I hope to see him again in the future.

PS. SImone - I love'a the Mozzarela!! (hee)
PSS. Thanks Pat for telling me about it!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

LOOK what i got! YAY!!!!

THanks Mo and Mara for Kawaii and Samantha for the scarfy scarf !!, YAY!

Oh yeah and Happy B-day to MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!

Meet Cheburashka!

You might be saying to yourself, Who are these little critters? and like I totally said the same thing and then I was like awww! SO check out the link and you'll find out. The little story is cute....

Doggy helps the kitty!

So here's a cute story that will make you go awwww! Read on...

Oh Gloomy, you really did it this time!

Once again if you can recall my first post about Gloomy Bear - I do think he's super cute, violent streak and all. Sooo Cute, Hee. Enjoy the video - you gotta watch it!

Monday, October 8, 2007


Cool Concept Car!

This is the coolest and cutest car ever invented and as soon as Nissan brings it to the US I am getting one. It's quite an amazing invention especially for people who find it hard to parallel park. I also dig the little robot who talks to you and tells you where to go and even senses how you this is what the future is all about. The jetsons lifestyle is coming y'all!

Click here for more info and to watch a video of how it works:

PS. Thanks for the link SK


Could this pup be any cuter!!! Lord Almighty - thank you so much for making such adorable little puppies!! And Lord I've been really good so I hope by some miracle I find a puppy this cute on my doorstep when I get home from work today. Hee. AWWWW!!! I just can't get enough of cute wittle doggies!!!! I LOVE THEM ALLLLLL!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

World's Smallest Doggie!

Name: Boo Boo
Breed: Chihuahua
Born: Kentucky
Height: 4 inches tall

The Guinness Book of World Record has named Boo Boo the smallest poochie in the world. Way to go Boo Boo! ARF, ARF!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fun Accessories!

Look out girlfriends! Check out the baggies!!! Aren't these like the cutest bags you've ever layed your eyes on....gimme, gimme, more, gimme more - HA!

Go here to order you cute bag:

Koala Luv!

Awww super Kawaiiiii! A white Koala!!! I guess it's not everyday you get to see this kind of Koala bear and what a cute one indeed. Check out the video! (on my way to Australia to give Mick lots of cuddles and kisses, aww!)

PS. Thanks for the link SS! You sexy thang!

Muy Caliente!

Ok, I think Gael Garcia Bernal is cute! Enough said. (BTW - thanks for the pic SS)

Avast, me hearties!

Ayyyy, Matey! Pirates in the house yo! My bro just bought these cute characters and I just fell in love with them so get to your nearest KID ROBOT store and get em' while there hot!

Spacey Art

Ok I was surfing the internet for fun art and I found this artist named Mark Atomos Pilon. After checking out his art and bio - I thought what a cool guy. His influence in 50s & 60s art whether it be space age to comic style is quite evident in his style. It's a
a very fun and playful approach to an old style which continues to live on. So here's to you Mark! Keep rockin' that art! Perhaps he'll come to NYC and show his work. If so then I'm totally there...

To see more cool stuff go to his website: "">

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Whose cuter?

So your probably wondering what the deal is with the image above, right? Well you tell me. Whose cuter Mr. Tarsier or Little Gizmo??? Comments??? Anyone?? I like Gizmo myself. (thanks for the image MF, hee)

BTW - to learn about Tarsier click here:

Oh my Gawd! Could you just die!!! LOVE IT!

Yes my mouth is salivating as I write this because if only I could get my hands on this cute jewelry collection...However your probably thinking this girl is nuts and like totally grow up - but ya know what - SCREW YOU ALL!!! I will always love Hello Kitty until the day I cease to exist. Hee.

You can get these fabulous pieces of heaven at the following stores:
Neiman Marcus
Tarina Tarantino

Cute Film to Check Out!

Ok, so cuteness doesn't neccessarily have to be objects, it could also be flims as well. I just remembered this movie I saw awhile back called Valentin. This is such a great heartfelt Spanish film which I highly recommend. I'd tell you more about it but I rather not because you should judge it for yourself. I can tell you the little boy in this movie is so cute and you'll literally fall in love with him. That's all I'll say about it. So go rent it on Netflix or your local Blockbuster and you'll see what I'm talking about.


It's a New Day!

Hey everybody! I'm back on my blog. I've been away for a few plus I had to rename my blog because silly me spelled the word Kawaii wrong. (Somebody pointed it out to me) So now it's So Kawaiii! - which seems more appropiate. I'll try to add new stuff as much as I can.

If your new to my site please note that all my posts below were transferred over from my old blog. So as you read on you'll notice the dates may be off on certain topics.

That's all folks!


Me likey!

Kanye West's new Graduation CD drops on Sept 11 and I'm diggin' the cover artwork. Actually eversince his debut CD College Drop Out, I thought his mascot/trademark "bear" on the cover was a very cool visual as opposed to some other hip-hop cd covers out there. I mean has anyone seen any cute hip-hop cd covers??? Anyone??? Bueller??

Anyways the point of my little blog story is that everytime I saw this new cover art I kept thinking - "this looks a lot like a Murakami design" and well guess what? I was right. And now your like what the heck is she talking about? Who the heck is Murakami??? Do I like care??? Of course you care because if your reading my blog then you appreciate learning about cute and funky design.

Ok you ready to learn? This might be a jeopardy question someday you know. This artists full name is Takashi Murakami and he is a native of Japan. But I guess you could have guessed that from reading his name. hee. He's quite famous all over the world for his fun innovative modern/pop design in all different mediums. His works range from paintings, illustration design to scultpure. Many big named fashion designers such as Louis Vuitton have even collaborated with him on special unique limited edition handbags etc. (which I love but can't afford - so sad!)

Now this Kanye West CD cover is a new type of collaboration for Murakami and perhaps it will be a start to even more down the road. So I hope you enjoy and appreciate this fun design as much as I do....

PS. Kayne you should really read my blog because I share your love of japanese pop culture and design. Keep the dream alive!

To learn more about Murakami go here:

The link below is his art production company which also holds other artists with a similar outlook on contemporary art:

I got to go, I really got to go now...on the road now....

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to say have a Happy Labor Day Weekend and while your all slaving away at work in the coming week, I'll be chillaxing somewhere sunny. I'll try to post some cuteness for you to enjoy if I get a chance. However for now please enjoy my own illustration of cuteness. Yes I made it - I got me some mad skillz! hee.

Peace and love,


Funky iPod cases!

If your a Tokidoki fan like me then you'll want to get your hands on these super cute and funky ipod cases. They only carry cases for the 30 gig video, Mini, Nano and Shuffle. Unfortunately if you have a 60 gig like me then your out of luck. I'm so sad right now...However I'm sure they will have one for me soon enough.

Check it out boys and girls!


I believe!


Rock on girlfriend!

Oh yeaaaah! Could this be any cooler. Sure it's nothing new since I've already seen some artists use this guitar like Courtney Love but if I had it up on stage I'd look totally cooler then her for sure. Oh wait I already look totally cooler then her - I mean have you seen her lately! Hay dios mio! Anyways I can rock it! So stay tuned for my new gig posting! Now hold up, isn't Christmas right around the corner, hmm I wonder what Santa will bring me.

Ok Peace out!

Cute Harajuku Watch - Totally Kuwai!

Ok I absocutely love this watch! It's so precious just like a little fluffy kitty who looks at you with its sweet eyes and says MEOW, MEOW! (umm kind of like the kitty on that watch, hee) This watch is from the Gwen Stefani Harajuku Lovers line of fun clothing and accessories. I don't know about you, but I totally dig her stuff. It's super Kawaii! Now it doesn't matter if your young or old (in my case old but who's counting and so what? age is nothing but a number!) We all have a little kid in each of us who love Kawaiilicious things (hey I think I just invented a new word "Kawaiilicious" - sweet!). So go get your own Harajuku Watch - do it, do it, do it #%@....I kid.

To find one at a Kuwailicious store near you try here:

Cutesie Tootsie!

A little birdy (MoZ! hee) sent me this picture and it's just so precious I couldn't resist. Don't you just want to snuggle him and take him home. Slurp, Slurp, Arf!

Gloomy Bear....

If anyone is familiar with the Kid Robot Store then you know what kind of toys they sell there. The funky Japanese import kind, among others. However this one toy caught my eye because of it's combination of cuteness/scary factor that typically you wouldn't want your kid to snuggle and love. But you just can't help it because despite the bloodiness that drips from it's jaws and claws, it's still cute (at least to me) The artist who created this is known as Mori Chakku. He's a native of Sakai, Osaka, Japan.

His " is an antithesis to the excessively cute products produced by Disney, Sanrio's Hello Kitty, and other companies. Mori Chack believes that humans and animals are incompatible, and an animal is wild by nature. This is expressed most pronouncedly by the Gloomy Bear, which is often shown blood stained and striking humans. ..."

It's basically become a collectable and many have become obsessed with this form of art as I like to call it because it is a form of art - Urban Vinyl Art. And again the ideas stem from Japan and other parts of Asia....It's quite the phenominom overseas as well as here. There are so many kinds of urban vinyl characters out there so check it out people and start lovin' the Vinyl!

Cute American Eskimo!! Aww!

Go to this link:

Another day of cuteness and this time it's a cute doggie. Growing up I had an American Eskimo (may she rest in peace) and she was the best pet I ever had. Of course I still miss her and everytime I see an image or video of an Amercian Eskimo it just brings a smile to my face. So my wittle poochie, poochie this one's for you! Arf!

Cute Crafts from Japan! I love it!!

So I'm sitting at my desk and I thought let's google puppies, hello kitty, tokidoki etc. Yes, aside from my professional job in the creative industry I sometimes enjoy some downtime surfing the net to find cute things. Actually some coworkers of mine partake in the same enjoyment because frankly sometimes you need a dose of cuteness to get through the day.

Let me share this bit of information I found on my search which is so adorable indeed. It's AMIGURUMI!! What is it?? Well it's a japanese craft made up of cute crochet characters. If you know how to crochet then why not try it and start building your own little village of characters. I guess this craft has been around for some time and eventhough the U.S. might have something similar, the Japanese version is quite Kuwai!. I love Japan! They always come up with the cutest and coolest ideas for just about everything.

Here's some links to share if your curious to learn more about it: