Saturday, January 10, 2009

I Arf!

Hey All, first of all I must apologize for not updating my site so much but it's 2009 and I promised myself I'd keep it up. Take in mind you may find my site transforming from time to time. So please continue to enjoy! Now back to my interestiing posts.

Have you ever walked down the street and thought "Cake Toppers!"? Well maybe not, unless your planning a wedding (um nooooo, not yet) or you just happen to spend your evenings like me searching for cute things that link to other cute things that link to other cute things etc...I swear sometimes it gets late and I look at my clock and yikes it's 4am....this is my life people. I love cute things! How pathetic am I, but seriously I can't help it so don't hate me because I'm cute..ha.

Ok soooo, this cake topper pictured above is just so adorable, am I right ladies? I mean have you ever seen anything like this. Well this woman who wrote on some martha stewart craft forum whose face is also behind the fabulous umbrella in the pic found it online and thanks to her I now have that link:

Now I know it's a tad pricey maybe but it's so worth it. I mean how many people do you know who had wedding cakes like this. Something to think about....

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