Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cute Crafts from Japan! I love it!!

So I'm sitting at my desk and I thought let's google puppies, hello kitty, tokidoki etc. Yes, aside from my professional job in the creative industry I sometimes enjoy some downtime surfing the net to find cute things. Actually some coworkers of mine partake in the same enjoyment because frankly sometimes you need a dose of cuteness to get through the day.

Let me share this bit of information I found on my search which is so adorable indeed. It's AMIGURUMI!! What is it?? Well it's a japanese craft made up of cute crochet characters. If you know how to crochet then why not try it and start building your own little village of characters. I guess this craft has been around for some time and eventhough the U.S. might have something similar, the Japanese version is quite Kuwai!. I love Japan! They always come up with the cutest and coolest ideas for just about everything.

Here's some links to share if your curious to learn more about it:

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Anonymous said...

those are adorable!