Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Me likey!

Kanye West's new Graduation CD drops on Sept 11 and I'm diggin' the cover artwork. Actually eversince his debut CD College Drop Out, I thought his mascot/trademark "bear" on the cover was a very cool visual as opposed to some other hip-hop cd covers out there. I mean has anyone seen any cute hip-hop cd covers??? Anyone??? Bueller??

Anyways the point of my little blog story is that everytime I saw this new cover art I kept thinking - "this looks a lot like a Murakami design" and well guess what? I was right. And now your like what the heck is she talking about? Who the heck is Murakami??? Do I like care??? Of course you care because if your reading my blog then you appreciate learning about cute and funky design.

Ok you ready to learn? This might be a jeopardy question someday you know. This artists full name is Takashi Murakami and he is a native of Japan. But I guess you could have guessed that from reading his name. hee. He's quite famous all over the world for his fun innovative modern/pop design in all different mediums. His works range from paintings, illustration design to scultpure. Many big named fashion designers such as Louis Vuitton have even collaborated with him on special unique limited edition handbags etc. (which I love but can't afford - so sad!)

Now this Kanye West CD cover is a new type of collaboration for Murakami and perhaps it will be a start to even more down the road. So I hope you enjoy and appreciate this fun design as much as I do....

PS. Kayne you should really read my blog because I share your love of japanese pop culture and design. Keep the dream alive!

To learn more about Murakami go here:

The link below is his art production company which also holds other artists with a similar outlook on contemporary art:

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