Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Get Your Patch On!

Hey all. I wasn't sure what to post today but to start off I decided to show off my new cool kawaii vegan wallet. Some of you may not care a whole lot about accessories but I do. The cuter and more colorful the better. I found this awesome wallet at this store that I had no idea even existed until now - (located in the Manhattan Mall in NYC) The store is not about cute at all but this particular accessory was. I loved the craftmanship of the patchwork because it was bunnies and I like bunnies! Aww! Now go get your own girlfriends!

You can also find them at Century 21 for less then what I paid ( I realized this later on, oh wells) and Urban Outfitters! Also this is the company that makes them however they are not listed on there site.

Ciao Ciao


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