Friday, November 2, 2007


Hi everyone, I adopted a new puppy and her name is Spanky2 (long story). Anyways I saw her in a little playpen one day at a country store up north, and I thought that little bundle of cuteness is coming home with me. She's so adorable, warm, friendly and fuzzy! Her super plush coat sheds like crazy but that's ok because I love her. As you can see I took some pics of her running around being silly - Oh Spanky2! Your so loveable!!! I can just squeeze her 24/7. Ya know she has two twin sisters and one lives with my new niece and the other with my loveable pal Maureen. AWWW! So much cuteness!

PS. I'm perfectly a normal adult - I just love to pretend that some cute things in the world are real, every now and then. Hee!


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