Thursday, November 1, 2007

Seether - new cover art! Rockin!

Ok your thinking WOW! That's some cool art!! and perhaps even asking yourself "Who's Seether?" Well for those musically inclined you know Seether is a rock/alternative/metal band and for those who aren't - well now you know. This band is from Johannesburg, South Africa and have been around for about 5 years or so. Personally I'm not a fan but when I saw the cover art for their new CD I was very taken.

Once I saw the art I surfed the internet like a mad woman trying to find out who did it, but nada! I was surprised to see that their forums or official site made no mention of it. However I was very lucky and BINGO! The artist name is David Ho and he creates a lot of his work digitally using various aplications to capture that soft lucid and surreal dream state. It definitely isn't your usual happy fun pop design, but even so it has a certain level of cuteness with a hint of darkness. It also exudes this form of intensity where you feel for the characters you are observing. I dunno maybe it's just my artsy mumbo jumbo i'm rambling on to show off my art school smarts. Hee! Seriously though I do appreciate this dude's art abilities and maybe I'll buy the new Seether CD and a t-shirt. For the art of course!.....

Ok hope you enjoyed my little Art lesson corner from J

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